The Best Petite Fashion Advice Ever!

Fashion StyleIn today’s society and especially in a high profile position, beauty and fashion are of the utmost importance. In some cases it may be hard to find a proper fit. For years we have heard fashion advice from old wives tales to some honestly good advice. Today styles and lifestyles have changed and much of the older advice that was given is no longer any good for today’s styles. Everyone wants to look good and with the dress makers using only certain size models to design their styles to, there are very few women that these designs will actually fit. If you are one of the lucky few that is fantastic for you but most women do not fit this size.

Finding The Best Fit

Many women especially in the petite sizes must have the majority of their clothing tailored to fit them properly. In the 1970’s most department stores offered free tailoring to their customers because most women could not purchase a dress from the shelf and expect a perfect fit. Shopping for a perfect fit for petite women can be quite a challenging experience. There are some stores such as Ann Taylor or the GAP that have a line of petite clothing to help their smaller shoppers. There are stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylors and Bloomingdales that you can special order the petite clothing online.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller

  • Wear around a 1 ½” to a 2’ heel
  • Low Rise waisted pants will make your torso look longer
  • Make sure your pants hem hangs over your shoe for a longer legged look
  • Wear you hear in an upward style to help to make yourself look taller
  • Vertical stripes will also offer a slimmer and taller look

How To Choose The Best Style For You

When searching for that perfect fit just for you, consider the style of the outfit and the statement you are trying to make. A petite person should never wear anything that is cropped. When adding a jacket, this could appear to give the torso area a shorter appearance. Improperly hemmed skirts that fall to the wrong length will have a tendency to make a person appeared shorter. A straight legged pants or a flared wide leg either one will work fine as long as they are long enough and cover over part of the shoe. One of the old school rules was that short women should never wear color. That rule is long gone and the new one says, wear color. Be sure to match your top and bottom with the same color as to make your body look longer and taller. Also match your shoe color to your outfit, allowing an all around colorful appearance. Heels will add to your height, but be sure not to overdue them. Some are so high that even the most experienced heel wearing person looks like they are having problems walking. It is much sexier to walk with ease on a shorter heel than stumble around with heels that are too tall for your designer fashion.

How Do I Become A Wedding Dress Designer

Being able to design dresses, especially wedding dresses is a huge job and responsibility.  When it comes to weddings, many brides are extremely picky and want everything to be amazing and beautiful.  Most brides want their wedding day to be the most special day of their lives.  Looking and feeling beautiful makes the day even more special.  Many brides will have their clothing for the day custom made and designed.  They want a one of a kind special style to meet their needs and expectations.  A designer has to be very patient and talented to create the fabulous designs that will please even the most difficult brides.

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The Coolest Nail fashion ideas for Spring 2014

One of the most beautiful and exotic lands of beauty and fashion in this world are found in none other than Brazil which OPI is basing its 2014 collection of 12 different shades of nail polish on the collection is called the “Carnaval of Color” which will not be released soon enough for those of us who anxiously await this bombardment of Brazilian based colors.  This is a land filled with beautiful beaches and some of the worlds most lovely women have come from these shores and still walk them today.  Maybe you might get lucky to observe these Brazilian beauties in person some day; perhaps strolling down a beach in Rio.  Many of us have loved to try and keep our nails healthy and with a nice polish on them; but today they are being so much more creative in the nail art department.


Nail Art:

Many of our celebrities will go to have their nails done by well known nail art salons; the sky is the limit in the area of creativity and fashion.  It is no longer just the regular coat of red nail polish; but now people are making statements through their nail art.  For years the nail colors were all very common usually different variations of red and pink which were the most popular colors that women wore for many years.  But thankfully we had some creative nail designers that started to experiment and look outside the box beyond the same boring solid colors opening a whole new dimension into the world of nail colors and designs.  The borders to nail painting have been broken down not unlike the Berlin wall; it too was something that needed to be broken down so freedom of expression could continue to grow and expand.

I can’t believe how far we have come forming this whole new nail art that has no borders is just amazing.  It gives individuals nail artist so much freedom with no more restrictions.

Spring Nails:

Many women are looking forward to having a chance to wear the colors of nail polish that will be offered in the “Carnaval of Color” collection.  No doubt you will find a some Brazilian colors that will suit your personal taste as there is a wide selection to choose from.  Many of the nail art for spring is doing pictures of spring flowers on the nails sending a message to the viewers of the nails that “Spring is in the Air” this brings much up beat and positive feelings to those looking forward to Spring.

A great way to cheer yourself up if you are feeling a little blue is to treat yourself to a trip to the nail salon; perhaps even make it something to enjoy with a friend or loved one.  This could be something that you can enjoy together and have some quality time together at the same time.  Helping each other decide what nail art you each want to get.  It is good to treat yourself once and a while because if you are feeling good about yourself you will give that positive energy to those around you.  So what are you waiting for make an appointment today to go to the nail salon; have an adventure into the world of nail fashion and use it to help express yourself most importantly just have fun.

Best sunglasses for golf

Why sunglasses are important

Sunglasses form an important part when we are talking about accessorizing ourselves but this accessory becomes somewhat a necessity when we are referring to the golfers. Not many people are aware of the fact that sunglasses made for the golfers are entirely different from the sunglasses that we wear in normal life. These sunglasses are designed in a unique manner keeping in view the needs and requirements of the people who indulge in the game of golf. There are a number of features that make a perfect pair of golf sunglasses and as such it is extremely tricky to determine the best sunglasses for golf.

The distinction of the best from the rest

The best sunglasses for golf must have certain features that make them distinct from a regular pair of sunglasses. It is a known fact game of golf is an outdoor sport and its players are constantly under the direct sunlight and radiation. Thus the sunglasses for them should be able to protect the player’s eyes from radiations and light constantly. Secondly, a lot of emphasis is placed on the color of lenses that are used in making sunglasses for golf players. The ideal lens must be able to absorb blue light as it makes easier for the golfer to spot green color of the golf ground and the white color of the golf ball. The blue light from the sky is absorbed by these sunglasses so that the golfer can pay all his attention to the green and white colors. The best sunglasses for golfers come in red, copper, green and gray colors.

Best sunglasses for golf

Apart from having a contrasting lens color, the shape of the lens plays an imperative role as well while choosing the best sunglasses. The ideal lenses are cut in such a manner so as to avoid any distortions at the bottom of the lens as the golfer needs to focus on the ball near his/her feet. This is a unique feature of golf lenses as the entire focus is placed avoiding distortion on the bottom part as against the general practice of avoiding distortion in the middle as done in the lenses of regular sunglasses.

The frame

The frame of a golfer’s sunglasses also plays an important role in determining his comfort and vision. It has been observed that the popular sunglasses manufacturers usually come up with sunglasses that don’t have frames as frames do cause certain distortions to the golfers. As far as sunglasses with frames are concerned, the ideal pair would be the one having no frame at the bottom portion of the sunglasses. Durability and comfort of sunglasses are two things that a golfer simply can’t do without. Thus the best sunglasses for golf should be extremely light weight preferably made up of materials such as titanium and polycarbonate. Apart from being light weight, these materials also enhance the durability as they have the ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and handling.

It is pertinent to know that the ideal pair of sunglasses for a player of golf would be the one offering clear and perfect vision, fitting and durability. If you are interested to find out more, please check out

The best face wash for men today

There was a time when grooming products were only made for women. The world of grooming and cosmetic products focused entirely on the ladies, but now times have changed and there is a flood of grooming products in the market for the men as well. Cleaning and cleansing of the skin is equally important for the men as for the women and for the process of cleaning one’s face, a generic product known as face wash holds a great importance altogether. Today, there are a number of face wash products of various brands that are available for the men and all of them look similar, thus it becomes a rather difficult task to determine the best face wash for men.

best face wash for men

The best face wash for men would depend entirely on an individual’s skin, for instance if one has a dry and irritable skin then a face wash that has a moisturizing effect is a great option. On the other hand, if one has an oily and acne prone skin then a face wash having an exfoliating and pore clearing ingredients would work best. Thus, no matter what skin type one has, a gentle and smoothing face wash must be a part of every man’s face cleaning routine. In order to help our friends in finding the best product for their skin, we have enlisted few of the best face wash for men below:

Jack Black all over wash

This product is one of the best face washes available in the market today. This product truly justifies its name as it is definitely the jack of all other face washes. Apart from being a great moisturizing and smoothening face wash, this product serves as a body wash and hair shampoo as well. The ingredients used in this product are 100% natural and gentle to the skin of every man. Definitely a great buy for every man out there!

Nivea for men revitalizing face wash

This is an affordable and highly reliable face wash for the men. The face wash is gentle on the skin and even exfoliates the skin in order to remove excess dirt from the pores, thus preventing formation of acne and black heads. With an ingredient known as coenzyme, this face wash even prevents wrinkles on the men’s skin.

“Evolution man” Wash and Buff

An amazing product designed especially for smoothing and moisturizing the tough skin of men. Shaving is a part of every man’s daily routine and so are the shaving cuts, bruises and burns. This face wash contains all the ingredients that soothe the irritated and dried skin of men due to the shaving process. Apart from being a great healer, this face wash works great in cleansing and clearing the skin of all the dirt and dust that men get exposed to on daily basis.

Clarins Men Active Face Wash

This face wash works with a soap free formula, thus after using this face wash, all one will get is smooth and supple skin without any traces of dryness. By removing all the impurities of the skin, this product is definitely one of the best face wash for men available today.


Things You Need to Know About Organic Make up

Nowadays, many people than ever are concerned in organic make up. Recently, people are changing their eating habits, and as such are trying to eat healthy and do exercises so as to make their skin healthy thus avoid the cancer potential causing chemicals. This is not enough; we need to care about what we put on our scalps, bodies and faces.

1: Be careful on the labels your eyes see.

Always make sure you read the ingredients that make up the item before buying it. Much as the something is labeled as ‘natural’ it may not be the case. Take your time to carefully read the labels. Research shows that most skincare that are branded organic still contain bad stuff.

2: Good and healthy bet is a Mineral Makeup.

Companies concerned with mineral makeup’s market themselves as purely organic. Ingredients used such as iron oxide, zinc oxide, mica e.t.c. indeed sound as organic but the fact is that these organic stuffs have to be processed in laboratories. The only difference perhaps is that they do not have preservatives like chemical dyes, mineral oil and fragrances. Such like stuffs may not be good to people with skin sensitivities. This actually makes mineral makeup your best choice.

3: cheap facial masks, scrubs and lip scrubs from available materials.

If really you are an astute person you need not spend a lot of money purchasing facial scrubs, lip scrubs or facial scrubs expensively and contain ingredients which may be harmful to your skin. You instead can make these from your kitchen staples. When making your own beauty products you know what you are using to prepare them.

4: check out what is good for you from the data base that is good.

When you are concerned with your organic make up, you need to find out the beauty products that are safe for you from the Working Group’s Skin Deep database. Know which ones are recommended and those that have a poor rating before buying.

5: Look for Sulfate-free Shampoos

Many shampoos possess 1, 4-Dioxine, which is responsible for causing cancer. Avoid all those shampoos that have foaming agents like sodium sulfate. In a nutshell avoid shampoos that are prepared from products that end in ‘eth’. Better prevention than cure. For more info Click Here

6: Oils are the best moisturizers.

Those people who like organic make up should keep it very simple when we come to the issue of moisturizing and stick to oils. Oils do wonders as pertains hydrating your skin.

7: Coloring your hair.

If you must color your hair, you should do it using an organic vegetable dye if you want to remain safe.

8: Showering soaps and cleansers for your face.

A number of soaps and cleansers dehydrate the skin of its moisture. You always should stick to natural soaps that have been made from moisturizing ingredients. If your skin is dry, you may consider applying a mixture of milk and honey but if in case your skin is oily then use salt with warmed milk.

In conclusion, it will go well with you if you master what your skin requires and what it does not want.


DIY Detoxifying Mask: 5 Detoxifying Treatment Recipe

Those people who have always struggled to eliminate pimples from their faces know how stressful it is to keep one’s face smooth. Gabriel, a nutritionist, suggests how one can maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Our immediate environment, for instance the air we breathe in, dirt, the chemicals in the fluids we drink and the food we eat produce toxins inside our bodies some of which are eliminated from our bodies through the skin. Our faces tell it all through the blemishes, dry patches and redness of the skin.

Discussed below are detoxifying treatment masks.

1. Probiotic

Probiotic helps in the purification of your skin inside out and so it is important to add it in your diet more often. Habitual bowel movements and robust immunity are crucial for a skin free from toxins. Instead of going for the expensive probiotic yogurts, one can buy a simple machine that makes yogurts and prepare home-made yogurt which will be economical but serving the purpose.

2. Water

Our bodies are not only made up of 75% water, but also this water that we take helps in keeping our skin hydrated and radiant. Always start your day by taking a mixture of water with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and ½ tsp of honey. This is a sure detoxifying treatment mask.

3. Home facials

At least once in a week, have a relaxing evening with a soft and soothing music as you enjoy a cup of nettle tea. Make sure that everything is set in place for green face detox mask below:

Green face detox.

To begin with you need to exfoliate your skin by having a mixture of ½ tsp green or white clay and1/2 tsp sea salt. Add some water in-order to make a paste. After the paste is ready, rub it gently on your skin. Let it be there for about 3 minutes after which you wash with clean lukewarm water. Let the face dry.

Secondly, steam your skin. This is done by boiling water and putting it into a basin. Then add detoxifying oils for example tea tree, and eucalyptus-three drops each. You may add fragrant herbs such as the rosemary. Steam your face for about 8 minutes to make sure that the pores are thoroughly purified.


Thirdly, prepare a simple detoxifying facial treatment mask by mixing 3 capsules of activated charcoal with1 Tsp of apple juice and 1 tsp of any clay. Smear the whole of your face except around the eyes. Let the mask dry after which you rinse with warm water.

4. Fiber.

Fiber is important in helping out in your digestion and also helping your skin look radiant. As such always eat foods rich in fiber content for instance you can eat traditional oatmeal for breakfast instead of the white bread. Eating such fruits like carrots, grated apples and any fresh green herbs will supply you with fiber needed in your body. Dandelion greens and fresh nettles are amazing inner cleansers

5. Clean cosmetics

To crown the good results accruing from nice hydration and smooth digestion, to consistently shop green. Turn away from cosmetics that have unsafe preservatives and synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals. Instead try homemade facial oils like the jojoba with essential detoxifying oils. By so doing your skin will look a lot better that when filled with expensive chemical-based cosmetics read more

makeup kit

7 Must-Have Sticks, Glosses + Pencils For A Perfectly Pink Pout

Having the blessing of asturdy red lip may be tantamount with sex appeal, but if you want a look that is really romantic you ought to make pink lip go-to style.
Simply worn on all days and all the time, we have 7 Must-Have Sticks that will meet your desire of that pretty pink pucker.

1.Twist-up lip crayon

Twist-up lip crayon offers a flattering, exclusive tint while making the lips soft glimmering and hydrated all day. It simply gives you a kiss of shine. learn more here

2. Brilliance Balm

A Must-Have Stick for a perfectly pink pout is the Brilliance Balm which is a wholesome tinted lip crayon which gives verdant color that adjusts to the pH of your lips levels for a pleasing and exclusive shade that is suitable for your complexion. By virtue that it is prepared from jojoba seed oil, castor seed oil and beeswax, itsoftens,hydrates and gives your lips an incredible protection.

3. Ultimate Matte Lip Colour

This must have is a color-intense and hydrating lipstick that has a creamy ultimate finish. This is a highly effective lipstick that gives a clear color in a splendid, super-matte finish. Its hydrating formula shines on comfortably and is in place. The lipstick has been enriched with emollients and vitamin E. it is also important to mention that it is wax-free. The pure ingredients give a full coverage with its sparkling deep color and do not dry the lips.

4. Lip lacquer

The lip lacquers are now available from as small quantities as 7ml size, thereby making it AMust-Have stickfor a perfectly pink pout since it is affordable.

These Lip Lacquers help in hydrating your lips, thanks to the beneficial components that make it. It also gives your lips a flickering color. Vitamin E present in the cream help in healing of the lips and also protecting them. Jojoba, avocado and Chamomile help in retaining moisture. The sparkling spectrum of colors ranges from lilac to pink to fuchsia and even beyond.

5. Fat lip pencil

makeup kit

More so the one that is named after a sheep has a Smooth and Buttery Texture coats the lips in striking glossy color and it also comes in a jumbo pencil that requires no sharpener

6. Anti-age Lip gloss, virgin

This lip gives light weight moisture while imparting your lips with an anti-aging gloss. Anti-age lip gloss has been formulated with botanicals which react with the chemistry of your lip and give your very own afterglow. Formulation of the lip gloss makes your lip have a soothing feeling and also keeps them and hydrated, while working well to prevent environmental damage.

7. Armani Beauty

This is a lip with a difference; it has first lip stain with a comfy velvety texture and a glowing finish. It has an intense, appealing and illuminating color. A Lip Maestro is introduced by Giorgio Armani: the next color of lip generation.

Immediately it is applied it makes the lips appear instantly plumped and glowing. Its unique, non-sticky texture gives many hours of comfort and hydration.Intense pigments fill the gel formula, presenting a profundity of color that is incredible.No principal white “base” implies that the color remains true for a flaw. read more tips visit the website

5 Steps To At-Home Relaxation

Amidst a busy schedule at work together with household responsibilities, one requires a relaxation of the body and mind so as to regain energy and allow the body to build up the worn-out cells and refreshment of the mind. Spending a day at the spa will definitely do the trick.

However, given the present hard economic times where money is as hard to come by as anything else, one can stay at home and definitely achieve the same as going to the spa. All you need to do is to set aside some time of the day and treat yourself to the beauty treatments of the DIY.


Below are 5 steps To At-Home Relaxation that will help you:

A. Mood setting

Practically your bathroom may be ideal for the at-home spa experience. All you need to do is to make sure that you eliminate all that sets your mind negatively. For instance, get rid of all that reminds you about the household chores e.g. dirty clothes and such things like the toilet papers read here for more info

You now need to put on those clothes that will make you comfortable. In addition you may light up a scented candle and then put on a soothing music. Research has confirmed that soothing music and nature do help in reducing anxiety as At-Home relaxation is increased.

B. Kiss Goodbye chapped lips

Ideally when it comes to the face, we ought to be very careful. All that we puton our bodies should be as harmless as what we put in our bodies. Research has proved the fact that spa treatments that accrue from ingredients used as food for example salt and sugar are healthy and natural. They in-deed are of much help to the skin.

One can prepare an exfoliating and of course edible sugar scrub for lips that are dry. Mix a teaspoon of castor sugar together with 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil. Rub the mixture gently on your lips for about 30 seconds, after which you wash with water and wipe the excess with soft tissues that will not irritate the delicate lip skin.

C. Going green

Avocado is a fruit that has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties; if applied on your face, it can help in reducing inflammation and cleaning skin pores. In addition, it stimulates the growth of collagen and proteins which help in making your skin look young.

D. Do a full-body exfoliate

There are times when your body is feeling rough and very dry, clean it with a mixture of sea salt(not iodized), almond tree and a drop of lemon oil. Incase you do not have lemon oil at home, cut a lemon into half and then use it as your loofah. The citrus in the lemon is used to marsh away all the dead cells of the skin. While standing on a bathtub apply to both your legs and arms and then rinse off with warm water afterwards.

E. Putting your best foot forward

You ought to fill warm water in your bathtub after which you add a soothing bath salt. Soak your feet as you remove the polish on your nails if any.
Next,cut your nails straight across, as you round the corners slightly to avoid toenails that may be ingrown. After this apply cuticle oil on your toes taking care notto push too deep or peeling the skin thus avoiding any infection or scabs.

After this, use pumice to exfoliate the bottoms of your feet as you allow the other foot to soak. When you are done, drain the tub and apply to your feet a thick lotion. Let the lotion be on your feet for about five minutes, then rinse with fresh water and let them dry.Use tissue papers to separate your toes.

Apply two color coats preceded by a fast drying top coat. Leave the tissues for as long as it may require so that your nails don’t rub against each other. You now may talk to a friend over the phone or read a news paper and this is At-Home Relaxation.

nail art design

Purple Nail Polish to Enhance your Style on Every Occasion

Accessories, dresses, and nail polishes are women’s best friend. They share an attractive and enduring bond that is beyond any definition. Likewise, understanding this beautiful friendship, purple nail polish, has brought exclusive collection of nail polish. There are many brands of nail polishes, but they are not of trusted quality and results in degradation of your nails quality. Purple nail polish comes with high quality nail polishes that are made from unique “China Clay.” The China clay has retained properties that remain, in fact, with your nails and gives them lustrous shine.

Imagine wearing a nail polish that suits your outfit and gives eye- catching sparkle. It would be wowed so much, that you have ever imagined. Purple nail polish has made extensive set of different shades that will surely go with your mood. All season colors will undoubtedly prove you a fashion statement. Summer colors like yellow, pink, oranges are better. They look funky and ideal for summers. You can also look for light blue shades; greens also go well with matching outfits.

Purple nail polish also provides nail treatments like nail hardening, nail growth, nail fungi, base coats, no bites and other treatments. They give you with effortless an effective solution. China Glaze from Purple nail polish is one of the most sought nail polish brand in the fashion industry, it is meditated in runways of New York and California. Celebrities like Purple nail polish as their favorite among nail polish brands. Purple nail polish has color for every nail size and every skin tone. Purple suits best for long nails and matte purple looks best on shorter nails. You can choose any purple shade according to the occasion and your choice.

Some of the famous purple shades from China Glaze are Romantic collection harmony, core colors royal tease, spontaneous, thistle, Fiji fling colors like coconut kiss, tantalize also retro collection and me. There is no match with purple nail polish, purple suits every occasion, and it is best for every skin tone. Zoya purple nail polish comes in glitter, cream finish, frost, and glossy finish. You are free to play with colors and flaunt your nails.

nail art design

Fashion has come for purple; you are not for keep your nails dipped in matching pink and red shades. Funky grape shade, lilac would fit the best in this summer, or you would love to wear that nail polish again and find summer season too short for it. Purple is all set to make your seasons fuller, purple rain is available for $3.89 at Ulta and Drugstores. Dark plum shade gives your nail metallic finish present in drugstores. more info

OPI has also brought Purple nail polishes that will give you wonder with purple shades. They are available for $8.50 at Ulta. They are perfect transitioning colors from one season to another.

Purple nail polish- Review

Purple nail polish comes in myriad shades, so you would never be out of option. Purple nail polish helps every skin tones and compliments your hands when picked with perfect shade. They are perfect for formal and informal occasions. True purple nail color would look best for fairer skin tones. Deep purple are best as compared to other dark shades. Purple nail polish comes is exclusive shades and leaves you with a smile and praise in your eyes.