5 Steps To At-Home Relaxation

Amidst a busy schedule at work together with household responsibilities, one requires a relaxation of the body and mind so as to regain energy and allow the body to build up the worn-out cells and refreshment of the mind. Spending a day at the spa will definitely do the trick.

However, given the present hard economic times where money is as hard to come by as anything else, one can stay at home and definitely achieve the same as going to the spa. All you need to do is to set aside some time of the day and treat yourself to the beauty treatments of the DIY.


Below are 5 steps To At-Home Relaxation that will help you:

A. Mood setting

Practically your bathroom may be ideal for the at-home spa experience. All you need to do is to make sure that you eliminate all that sets your mind negatively. For instance, get rid of all that reminds you about the household chores e.g. dirty clothes and such things like the toilet papers read here for more info

You now need to put on those clothes that will make you comfortable. In addition you may light up a scented candle and then put on a soothing music. Research has confirmed that soothing music and nature do help in reducing anxiety as At-Home relaxation is increased.

B. Kiss Goodbye chapped lips

Ideally when it comes to the face, we ought to be very careful. All that we puton our bodies should be as harmless as what we put in our bodies. Research has proved the fact that spa treatments that accrue from ingredients used as food for example salt and sugar are healthy and natural. They in-deed are of much help to the skin.

One can prepare an exfoliating and of course edible sugar scrub for lips that are dry. Mix a teaspoon of castor sugar together with 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil. Rub the mixture gently on your lips for about 30 seconds, after which you wash with water and wipe the excess with soft tissues that will not irritate the delicate lip skin.

C. Going green

Avocado is a fruit that has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties; if applied on your face, it can help in reducing inflammation and cleaning skin pores. In addition, it stimulates the growth of collagen and proteins which help in making your skin look young.

D. Do a full-body exfoliate

There are times when your body is feeling rough and very dry, clean it with a mixture of sea salt(not iodized), almond tree and a drop of lemon oil. Incase you do not have lemon oil at home, cut a lemon into half and then use it as your loofah. The citrus in the lemon is used to marsh away all the dead cells of the skin. While standing on a bathtub apply to both your legs and arms and then rinse off with warm water afterwards.

E. Putting your best foot forward

You ought to fill warm water in your bathtub after which you add a soothing bath salt. Soak your feet as you remove the polish on your nails if any.
Next,cut your nails straight across, as you round the corners slightly to avoid toenails that may be ingrown. After this apply cuticle oil on your toes taking care notto push too deep or peeling the skin thus avoiding any infection or scabs.

After this, use pumice to exfoliate the bottoms of your feet as you allow the other foot to soak. When you are done, drain the tub and apply to your feet a thick lotion. Let the lotion be on your feet for about five minutes, then rinse with fresh water and let them dry.Use tissue papers to separate your toes.

Apply two color coats preceded by a fast drying top coat. Leave the tissues for as long as it may require so that your nails don’t rub against each other. You now may talk to a friend over the phone or read a news paper and this is At-Home Relaxation.

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