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The Best Petite Fashion Advice Ever!

In today’s society and especially in a high profile position, beauty and fashion are of the utmost importance. In some cases it may be hard to find a proper fit. For years we have heard fashion advice from old wives tales to some honestly good advice. Today styles and lifestyles have changed and much of the older advice […]

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How Do I Become A Wedding Dress Designer

Being able to design dresses, especially wedding dresses is a huge job and responsibility.  When it comes to weddings, many brides are extremely picky and want everything to be amazing and beautiful.  Most brides want their wedding day to be the most special day of their lives.  Looking and feeling beautiful makes the day even […]

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The Coolest Nail fashion ideas for Spring 2014

One of the most beautiful and exotic lands of beauty and fashion in this world are found in none other than Brazil which OPI is basing its 2014 collection of 12 different shades of nail polish on the collection is called the “Carnaval of Color” which will not be released soon enough for those of […]

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Things You Need to Know About Organic Make up

Nowadays, many people than ever are concerned in organic make up. Recently, people are changing their eating habits, and as such are trying to eat healthy and do exercises so as to make their skin healthy thus avoid the cancer potential causing chemicals. This is not enough; we need to care about what we put […]

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DIY Detoxifying Mask: 5 Detoxifying Treatment Recipe

Those people who have always struggled to eliminate pimples from their faces know how stressful it is to keep one’s face smooth. Gabriel, a nutritionist, suggests how one can maintain a healthy and glowing skin. Our immediate environment, for instance the air we breathe in, dirt, the chemicals in the fluids we drink and the […]

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7 Must-Have Sticks, Glosses + Pencils For A Perfectly Pink Pout

Having the blessing of asturdy red lip may be tantamount with sex appeal, but if you want a look that is really romantic you ought to make pink lip go-to style. Simply worn on all days and all the time, we have 7 Must-Have Sticks that will meet your desire of that pretty pink pucker. […]

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5 Steps To At-Home Relaxation

Amidst a busy schedule at work together with household responsibilities, one requires a relaxation of the body and mind so as to regain energy and allow the body to build up the worn-out cells and refreshment of the mind. Spending a day at the spa will definitely do the trick. However, given the present hard […]

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Purple Nail Polish to Enhance your Style on Every Occasion

Accessories, dresses, and nail polishes are women’s best friend. They share an attractive and enduring bond that is beyond any definition. Likewise, understanding this beautiful friendship, purple nail polish, has brought exclusive collection of nail polish. There are many brands of nail polishes, but they are not of trusted quality and results in degradation of […]

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Does a Blow Dryer Damage Hair

Does a hammer dryer damage hair I cannot count the times I have been asked this question. As a hair stylist I always explain apt women how apt decrease the abuse and wish that they emulate the advice Women with medium to long length cilia are the ones who are surrounded the most danger, since […]

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A Shattered Style Fit for a Timeless Tradition

Ladies instinctively know and feel that nails are just like accessories, they make women appear more attractive and eye-catching. This is probably the most apparent reason why the nail polish market has stepped up its game to cater the needs and demands of countless nail addicts around the globe. The nail art fever has seriously […]

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