Best sunglasses for golf

Why sunglasses are important

Sunglasses form an important part when we are talking about accessorizing ourselves but this accessory becomes somewhat a necessity when we are referring to the golfers. Not many people are aware of the fact that sunglasses made for the golfers are entirely different from the sunglasses that we wear in normal life. These sunglasses are designed in a unique manner keeping in view the needs and requirements of the people who indulge in the game of golf. There are a number of features that make a perfect pair of golf sunglasses and as such it is extremely tricky to determine the best sunglasses for golf.

The distinction of the best from the rest

The best sunglasses for golf must have certain features that make them distinct from a regular pair of sunglasses. It is a known fact game of golf is an outdoor sport and its players are constantly under the direct sunlight and radiation. Thus the sunglasses for them should be able to protect the player’s eyes from radiations and light constantly. Secondly, a lot of emphasis is placed on the color of lenses that are used in making sunglasses for golf players. The ideal lens must be able to absorb blue light as it makes easier for the golfer to spot green color of the golf ground and the white color of the golf ball. The blue light from the sky is absorbed by these sunglasses so that the golfer can pay all his attention to the green and white colors. The best sunglasses for golfers come in red, copper, green and gray colors.

Best sunglasses for golf

Apart from having a contrasting lens color, the shape of the lens plays an imperative role as well while choosing the best sunglasses. The ideal lenses are cut in such a manner so as to avoid any distortions at the bottom of the lens as the golfer needs to focus on the ball near his/her feet. This is a unique feature of golf lenses as the entire focus is placed avoiding distortion on the bottom part as against the general practice of avoiding distortion in the middle as done in the lenses of regular sunglasses.

The frame

The frame of a golfer’s sunglasses also plays an important role in determining his comfort and vision. It has been observed that the popular sunglasses manufacturers usually come up with sunglasses that don’t have frames as frames do cause certain distortions to the golfers. As far as sunglasses with frames are concerned, the ideal pair would be the one having no frame at the bottom portion of the sunglasses. Durability and comfort of sunglasses are two things that a golfer simply can’t do without. Thus the best sunglasses for golf should be extremely light weight preferably made up of materials such as titanium and polycarbonate. Apart from being light weight, these materials also enhance the durability as they have the ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and handling.

It is pertinent to know that the ideal pair of sunglasses for a player of golf would be the one offering clear and perfect vision, fitting and durability. If you are interested to find out more, please check out

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