DIY Detoxifying Mask: 5 Detoxifying Treatment Recipe

Those people who have always struggled to eliminate pimples from their faces know how stressful it is to keep one’s face smooth. Gabriel, a nutritionist, suggests how one can maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

Our immediate environment, for instance the air we breathe in, dirt, the chemicals in the fluids we drink and the food we eat produce toxins inside our bodies some of which are eliminated from our bodies through the skin. Our faces tell it all through the blemishes, dry patches and redness of the skin.

Discussed below are detoxifying treatment masks.

1. Probiotic

Probiotic helps in the purification of your skin inside out and so it is important to add it in your diet more often. Habitual bowel movements and robust immunity are crucial for a skin free from toxins. Instead of going for the expensive probiotic yogurts, one can buy a simple machine that makes yogurts and prepare home-made yogurt which will be economical but serving the purpose.

2. Water

Our bodies are not only made up of 75% water, but also this water that we take helps in keeping our skin hydrated and radiant. Always start your day by taking a mixture of water with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and ½ tsp of honey. This is a sure detoxifying treatment mask.

3. Home facials

At least once in a week, have a relaxing evening with a soft and soothing music as you enjoy a cup of nettle tea. Make sure that everything is set in place for green face detox mask below:

Green face detox.

To begin with you need to exfoliate your skin by having a mixture of ½ tsp green or white clay and1/2 tsp sea salt. Add some water in-order to make a paste. After the paste is ready, rub it gently on your skin. Let it be there for about 3 minutes after which you wash with clean lukewarm water. Let the face dry.

Secondly, steam your skin. This is done by boiling water and putting it into a basin. Then add detoxifying oils for example tea tree, and eucalyptus-three drops each. You may add fragrant herbs such as the rosemary. Steam your face for about 8 minutes to make sure that the pores are thoroughly purified.


Thirdly, prepare a simple detoxifying facial treatment mask by mixing 3 capsules of activated charcoal with1 Tsp of apple juice and 1 tsp of any clay. Smear the whole of your face except around the eyes. Let the mask dry after which you rinse with warm water.

4. Fiber.

Fiber is important in helping out in your digestion and also helping your skin look radiant. As such always eat foods rich in fiber content for instance you can eat traditional oatmeal for breakfast instead of the white bread. Eating such fruits like carrots, grated apples and any fresh green herbs will supply you with fiber needed in your body. Dandelion greens and fresh nettles are amazing inner cleansers

5. Clean cosmetics

To crown the good results accruing from nice hydration and smooth digestion, to consistently shop green. Turn away from cosmetics that have unsafe preservatives and synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals. Instead try homemade facial oils like the jojoba with essential detoxifying oils. By so doing your skin will look a lot better that when filled with expensive chemical-based cosmetics read more

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