The Coolest Nail fashion ideas for Spring 2014

One of the most beautiful and exotic lands of beauty and fashion in this world are found in none other than Brazil which OPI is basing its 2014 collection of 12 different shades of nail polish on the collection is called the “Carnaval of Color” which will not be released soon enough for those of us who anxiously await this bombardment of Brazilian based colors.  This is a land filled with beautiful beaches and some of the worlds most lovely women have come from these shores and still walk them today.  Maybe you might get lucky to observe these Brazilian beauties in person some day; perhaps strolling down a beach in Rio.  Many of us have loved to try and keep our nails healthy and with a nice polish on them; but today they are being so much more creative in the nail art department.


Nail Art:

Many of our celebrities will go to have their nails done by well known nail art salons; the sky is the limit in the area of creativity and fashion.  It is no longer just the regular coat of red nail polish; but now people are making statements through their nail art.  For years the nail colors were all very common usually different variations of red and pink which were the most popular colors that women wore for many years.  But thankfully we had some creative nail designers that started to experiment and look outside the box beyond the same boring solid colors opening a whole new dimension into the world of nail colors and designs.  The borders to nail painting have been broken down not unlike the Berlin wall; it too was something that needed to be broken down so freedom of expression could continue to grow and expand.

I can’t believe how far we have come forming this whole new nail art that has no borders is just amazing.  It gives individuals nail artist so much freedom with no more restrictions.

Spring Nails:

Many women are looking forward to having a chance to wear the colors of nail polish that will be offered in the “Carnaval of Color” collection.  No doubt you will find a some Brazilian colors that will suit your personal taste as there is a wide selection to choose from.  Many of the nail art for spring is doing pictures of spring flowers on the nails sending a message to the viewers of the nails that “Spring is in the Air” this brings much up beat and positive feelings to those looking forward to Spring.

A great way to cheer yourself up if you are feeling a little blue is to treat yourself to a trip to the nail salon; perhaps even make it something to enjoy with a friend or loved one.  This could be something that you can enjoy together and have some quality time together at the same time.  Helping each other decide what nail art you each want to get.  It is good to treat yourself once and a while because if you are feeling good about yourself you will give that positive energy to those around you.  So what are you waiting for make an appointment today to go to the nail salon; have an adventure into the world of nail fashion and use it to help express yourself most importantly just have fun.

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