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Purple Nail Polish to Enhance your Style on Every Occasion

Accessories, dresses, and nail polishes are women’s best friend. They share an attractive and enduring bond that is beyond any definition. Likewise, understanding this beautiful friendship, purple nail polish, has brought exclusive collection of nail polish. There are many brands of nail polishes, but they are not of trusted quality and results in degradation of your nails quality. Purple nail polish comes with high quality nail polishes that are made from unique “China Clay.” The China clay has retained properties that remain, in fact, with your nails and gives them lustrous shine.

Imagine wearing a nail polish that suits your outfit and gives eye- catching sparkle. It would be wowed so much, that you have ever imagined. Purple nail polish has made extensive set of different shades that will surely go with your mood. All season colors will undoubtedly prove you a fashion statement. Summer colors like yellow, pink, oranges are better. They look funky and ideal for summers. You can also look for light blue shades; greens also go well with matching outfits.

Purple nail polish also provides nail treatments like nail hardening, nail growth, nail fungi, base coats, no bites and other treatments. They give you with effortless an effective solution. China Glaze from Purple nail polish is one of the most sought nail polish brand in the fashion industry, it is meditated in runways of New York and California. Celebrities like Purple nail polish as their favorite among nail polish brands. Purple nail polish has color for every nail size and every skin tone. Purple suits best for long nails and matte purple looks best on shorter nails. You can choose any purple shade according to the occasion and your choice.

Some of the famous purple shades from China Glaze are Romantic collection harmony, core colors royal tease, spontaneous, thistle, Fiji fling colors like coconut kiss, tantalize also retro collection and me. There is no match with purple nail polish, purple suits every occasion, and it is best for every skin tone. Zoya purple nail polish comes in glitter, cream finish, frost, and glossy finish. You are free to play with colors and flaunt your nails.

nail art design

Fashion has come for purple; you are not for keep your nails dipped in matching pink and red shades. Funky grape shade, lilac would fit the best in this summer, or you would love to wear that nail polish again and find summer season too short for it. Purple is all set to make your seasons fuller, purple rain is available for $3.89 at Ulta and Drugstores. Dark plum shade gives your nail metallic finish present in drugstores. more info

OPI has also brought Purple nail polishes that will give you wonder with purple shades. They are available for $8.50 at Ulta. They are perfect transitioning colors from one season to another.

Purple nail polish- Review

Purple nail polish comes in myriad shades, so you would never be out of option. Purple nail polish helps every skin tones and compliments your hands when picked with perfect shade. They are perfect for formal and informal occasions. True purple nail color would look best for fairer skin tones. Deep purple are best as compared to other dark shades. Purple nail polish comes is exclusive shades and leaves you with a smile and praise in your eyes.

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