The Best Petite Fashion Advice Ever!

Fashion StyleIn today’s society and especially in a high profile position, beauty and fashion are of the utmost importance. In some cases it may be hard to find a proper fit. For years we have heard fashion advice from old wives tales to some honestly good advice. Today styles and lifestyles have changed and much of the older advice that was given is no longer any good for today’s styles. Everyone wants to look good and with the dress makers using only certain size models to design their styles to, there are very few women that these designs will actually fit. If you are one of the lucky few that is fantastic for you but most women do not fit this size.

Finding The Best Fit

Many women especially in the petite sizes must have the majority of their clothing tailored to fit them properly. In the 1970’s most department stores offered free tailoring to their customers because most women could not purchase a dress from the shelf and expect a perfect fit. Shopping for a perfect fit for petite women can be quite a challenging experience. There are some stores such as Ann Taylor or the GAP that have a line of petite clothing to help their smaller shoppers. There are stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylors and Bloomingdales that you can special order the petite clothing online.

How To Make Yourself Look Taller

  • Wear around a 1 ½” to a 2’ heel
  • Low Rise waisted pants will make your torso look longer
  • Make sure your pants hem hangs over your shoe for a longer legged look
  • Wear you hear in an upward style to help to make yourself look taller
  • Vertical stripes will also offer a slimmer and taller look

How To Choose The Best Style For You

When searching for that perfect fit just for you, consider the style of the outfit and the statement you are trying to make. A petite person should never wear anything that is cropped. When adding a jacket, this could appear to give the torso area a shorter appearance. Improperly hemmed skirts that fall to the wrong length will have a tendency to make a person appeared shorter. A straight legged pants or a flared wide leg either one will work fine as long as they are long enough and cover over part of the shoe. One of the old school rules was that short women should never wear color. That rule is long gone and the new one says, wear color. Be sure to match your top and bottom with the same color as to make your body look longer and taller. Also match your shoe color to your outfit, allowing an all around colorful appearance. Heels will add to your height, but be sure not to overdue them. Some are so high that even the most experienced heel wearing person looks like they are having problems walking. It is much sexier to walk with ease on a shorter heel than stumble around with heels that are too tall for your designer fashion.

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